The Worst Time To Sell Your House In Detroit

Learn about the Best and Worst time to sell your home in Detroit

There are Good Times and Bad Times to sell your home in Detroit. If you’d like to get the most amount of money from the sale of your home in Detroit; We suggest following the guide below.

The Worst Time To Sell Your House In Detroit

During Property Tax Foreclosure

Do you owe the city of Detroit Property Taxes? are you caught up? When you list your home for sale you will not have a guaranteed date on when that will happen. This means that the city could take your property while waiting for an offer to show up. You will not know the closing date until you receive an offer and the buyer is willing to go ahead with the purchase of your home.

When the Property is in Need of Repairs

If your home is not move in ready, buyers will likely offer you less money for it due to the foreseen repairs your home might need to be able to re sale or have a tenant occupy it. Not every buyer is looking for a home with need of repairs to flip. Some buyers are looking for a home that they can immediately occupy and you will miss out of a ton of cash if your home is not up to par. Investors and professional home buyers are often the right demographic for your home to sell. But, this means that they will usually offer you less than your asking price taking into consideration the amount of money they will have to pay to bring the property up to code.

Bad Tenants, Squatters, and Vacant

When you, the home owner are ready to sell, you will be asked who is occupying the property at the current time. Is there a tenant who has a lease that does not expire for another 6 months or longer? Do you have bad tenants who regularly miss their rent payment? Are they even making rental payments to you at all? Do you have squatters destroying your home ? is your home vacant and in danger of vandalism or theft? these are all questions you need to answer when selling your home. The perfect scenarios for investors and home buyers alike is when the home owner lives at the property or the property is vacant and secured.

The Bottom Line

Listing is the spring, summer, fall, or winter does not matter to investors. What matters is the current market and in Detroit, everyday of the year is a good time to sell your home. The problem is finding the right home buyer who will not waste your time or make you a low ball offer for your home.

If you are tired of waiting for your home to sell, call (313) 878-1606. We will buy your home any day, anytime and in any condition.

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