Hiring The Right Contractor. 4 Tips

As investors in Detroit, we know contractors who get your home ready to be sold the right way. They do not cut cornets, get things done fast and professionally. On the other side of the script we have hear and witnessed horror stories when we perform our walthroughts on properties we are purchasing in Detroit.

From leaking plumbing that was recently repaired, to a roof job that a contractor took a deposit on for materials and never returned. In Detroit, there is only one way of doing things in your home especially if you are looking to get it ready to be sold or put on the market.

That is by hiring the right contractor that understands your needs and will deliver results that you agreed on. Take time to read this artivle and fully understand how a contractor whousl behave and how they should go about your project.

#1. References

About to hire contractor? WAIT! – before you sign a contract or give a deposit, ask for references. Ask for past clients who are happy with their work. maybe have them showcase a past project that they have comleted and that you can actually appreciate in person. Contractors in Detroit usuially promote their businesses on FaceBook.

Start on social media and see what people are saying about the person who is about to perform the work. Not from their happy clients, no.. check to see what their unhappy clients are saying. See if what they say makes sense and if they followed through or did the right thing if they were to make a mistake.

#2 Online Reviews
What are people saying about your contractor in Detroit? Check to see on Google what their reviews are like. one star or 5 Stars? maybe in between. read them thoroughly and see if they seem like legitimate reviews or if they seem to be an incentive involved with writing one.

Reviews that include pictures of work are always nice to look at but we recommend that you look at the ones that have a lower rating.. find out why they rated them poorly. Did they miss their timeline? over spend on materials? not satisfied with how the project turned out?

#3 Busy is not BAD
Get the company or contractor that is in high demand. If they are good at what they do and follow trough by keeping their quality the same with every job then you have nothing much to worry about. When you call your contractor and they tell you that it will take a month for them to start your job, it usually is a sign that they are so booked with jobs and respect their prior arrangements that they will not just up and leave to start your project. this is a good sign.

#4 Opened Since?
Find a knowledgeable contractor that has been in the business for some time now. Not that there is anything wrong with people who are just starting out taken that they have the tools and experience necessary to complete your ob. No, that we’re talking about is the one day open and one day closed contractors that appear and disappear over night. Those are the ones that will take your deposit or materials and never return to complete or ever start thee work you agreed one. beware the scammers. Like any other place in this country, Detroit has its share of Good contractors to help you repair or remodel your home in Detroit as well as its bad contractors or cons.

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