Doing This, Will Sell Your Home Faster

In this article, i’ll be talking to you about the two tings you can do quickly and without much cash to get your home sold faster than you anticipated. They involve some elbow grease and if you are up to the task, it will save you time and money instead of hiring a company to do this for you!

#1. Curbside Appeal

This is pretty much common sense but many people skip this. If your front yard has trash or debris.. pick it up. Make sure you get all of the trash that might be in the front and back and sides of your home in Detroit. get trash like papers plastics, bottles and anything that is not grass, mulch or decorative items.

Usually done in the spring and fall, cleanups are a must if your home has trees surrounding it. Leaving the leaves over the winter can pile up and prevent your lawn from growing properly and there is nothing that yells our “I DON’T CARE” than having leaves under your porch, near window sills, around and underneath shrubs and scattered all over your lawn.

Take time to clean up your yard. get your hands and knees a little dirty this coming spring and clean your yard up. Even consider renting or buying, or even borrowing a power washed to clean up your dirty siding, concrete walkways, or driveway.

Using a pressure washer to really clean the exterior of your home will make your home look like new in most cases. Remove years of buildup and dirt with a two hour effort, some gasoline, and a pressure washer.

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